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  Fuyang city shun peng choi steel co., LTD. Is a set design, production, installation of lightweight construction materials integrated manufacturing factory, professional provide all kinds purifying plate, color steel plate, rock wool sandwich panel, caigang watts, C payments, steel structure, light steel housing, and other products, our company has introduced automatic caigang sandwich panel production line to produce a variety of specifications of the caigang composite sandwich board, color steel corrugated plate, rock wool board, environmental protection composite material, C payments, etc. Over the years, our company has accumulated a lot of production experience, perfect product quality and high staff quality, production scale is expanding year by year. Our company has professional construction personnel to undertake various large and small span of steel structure, workshop, mobile room, warehouse, interlayer, steel platform, field shed, canopy, car shed, greenhouse, steel stairs, handrails, public facilities steel structure engineering, mechanical equipment steel structure engineering, advertising steel structure production and installation engineering. We firmly believe that high-quality products are the cornerstone of enterprise development, high-quality talents are the magic weapon of enterprise progress.
  In the future development, our company is committed to new product research and development, integration of social resources, control the core technology and other links, to create high-quality color steel plate. Strive to become a technology-intensive innovation enterprises. Company in line with the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, dedicated to provide customers with quality and cheap products. Build the enterprise into a modern enterprise of "management and benefit". Our company is developing forward at a fast speed. We are willing to develop together with domestic and foreign design units, related businesses and customers from all walks of life. We are willing to create a better tomorrow with persistent pursuit and unremitting efforts.