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Color steel sandwich panel purchase must determine the real situation

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  Color steel sandwich board in the daily decoration is very common, if really want to choose the right product, so certainly still want to do a lot of measurement, especially now the supplier manufacturers are very much, and not immediately can let us choose a suitable product, so ×× to be better. If it is really through the formal channels to choose and buy, we also need to let the manufacturer directly for us to provide sandwich plate quality confirmation, physical aspect of the measurement, nature can also be guaranteed. ××, physical edge confirmation is crucial.
  The brim case of core of colour steel sandwich board we also must decide good ability to go certainly, can look directly whether the circumstance of its section accord with need, what kind of impurity has inside is not. If there is really a serious problem, or there are ×× gray, impurities, then we must pay special attention to the overall comparison. If the cut surface is really fine, and the edge is very smooth, then nature can also let us rest assured, so the effect can let us rest assured.
  Second, the object should also do a good job of sound discrimination.
  After getting the color steel sandwich plate, we can also simply use the finger to carry on the simple percussion, so that we can know how the steel plate material. If the material is really good, then the sound will certainly be more crisp and loud, if the sound is really a sandwich board appears stuffy, the feeling of metal is not obvious, then the material of such a sandwich board is certainly not good enough. So the suggestion still should do well the discrimination work of sound respect, such ability can have safeguard.
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