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Sandwich color steel plate should comply with the development requirements of the construction era

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  Times the height of building is almost slowly faded, so the competition for the new building materials is also more and more fierce, sandwich choi steel is a kind of competitive and it is very popular in the field of construction of the above, whether in the roof, wall, partition, or in the ceiling above all, there are a lot of application but even widely USES again, or to comply with building the requirements of The Times, only in this way can go for a long time.
  In fact, the requirements for sandwich color steel plate are as follows, ×× is sometimes it will be limited by the size accuracy of production equipment and assembly house, so the width tolerance must be controlled in the range of ××; ×× is the thickness of uniform, coated steel plate thickness is not uniform, along the length of the direction of development is "sickle"; The third is the sandwich choi steel does not allow oil, wax figure or miscellaneous dust, and is stored in it is strictly prohibited to fill, coating, coating on the back of the stick to pick the good performance of these demands are building for the product, only in this way can in sandwich construction of color steel plate, can quicker and safer structures, we need the product, so it wants to develop, xx to comply with the construction requirements of The Times.
  Comply with the requirements of the construction era is also a manufacturer ×× to ensure the quality of sandwich color steel plate, only in this way can be widely used, only in this way will not be eliminated by the market, only in this way can sandwich color steel plate permanently occupy the stable position in the market ××.
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