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Rock wool color steel plate in the construction industry occupies a pivotal position

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  If mentioned in the new building materials, construction industry now that familiar affirmation is the rock wool color steel plate, it has a weight lifting weight status for the whole construction industry, it also gives itself the value of x russsian, and at the same time Chen Weile x, one of the influential function panel established its role in the construction industry.
  Rock wool color steel plate is rock wool after machining and high temperature curing treatment made by strength in the middle of the inclusions, the two sides combined with single color steel plate, rock wool insulation article is widely used in colored rock wool insulation powder core board, building, ships and other fields, is a kind of economic effect of heat preservation and good ideal, because of not containing fluorine, chlorine, no corrosion to equipment, whether in high or low temperature environment rock sliver can keep good thermal insulating properties, rock wool color steel plate with insulation, cold, heat preservation, sound insulation, such as performance, compared with other thermal insulation products, has a prominent fireproof performance, by using high temperature of 700 ℃ or so, With so many advantages, how can it not become the building materials occupy the important position of ×, in fact, the characteristics of rock wool color steel plate, far more than these, it is an ideal thermal insulation material, in the building industry to make full use of the structural mechanical properties of all building components, reduce the weight of the building. So speaking of it, everyone is more willing to choose it as their own roofing materials.
  So rock wool color steel plate using can play a good role in the construction, for the whole construction market has also played a positive energy x, x safeguard the security and stability of the users, the future will be more widely applied to it, perhaps is not just in terms of building materials, may be involved in other industries, rock wool color steel plate so excellent performance will get more long-term innovation development
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