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Sandwich color steel plate has extensive development in the future

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  For the construction industry, new building material has obvious advantages, and development prospect is very optimistic, so for sandwich choi steel, is its core material is divided into six kinds, respectively is polystyrene sandwich board that EPS sandwich panel, this one is on the market at present, the application of x to a wide range of varieties, extruded polystyrene sandwich panel is XPS sandwich board, rigid polyurethane sandwich panel is PU sandwich board, three polyester sandwich board PIR sandwich board, phenolic sandwich board that PF sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel is RW sandwich board.

  Its classification, the more that its use will be more and more widely, but the characteristics of sandwich choi steel are very big advantage, the first is its weight, weight per square meter below 24 kg, can reduce the construction cost fully, followed by fast installation sandwich choi steel light dead weight, splice, installation and to the characteristics of cutting, determine its installation is simple, portable x yi, save time limit for a project, and is also very important, its fire prevention, fire, ability is very strong. Caigang composite core board face qualitative material and thermal insulation material is noncombustible or flame retardant material, can satisfy the requirements of the code for fire protection, the x coating processing of color steel plate cover new for 10 to 15 years, plate more than 35 years of life. Every ten years after spraying anti-corrosion coating materials, all the advantages of sandwich color steel plate and its characteristic features, will certainly have a very broad market.
  Sandwich choi steel can be used in large industrial workshop, warehouse, gymnasium, supermarket, hospital, cold storage, trailer, building coating, clean workshop and heat preservation and heat insulation fire place, sandwich board beautiful shape, colour and lustre is gorgeous, the overall effect is good, it sets bearing, insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, and sandwich choi steel without secondary decoration.
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