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Six factors that affect the color difference of the painted plate

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  Painted board has been very widely used in the construction industry, but sometimes painted board color problems will also reduce the use of users, manufacturers cause losses, let us take a look at six factors that affect the color painted board.
The factors that affect the color difference are: coating, substrate, chemical coating, film thickness, PMT and cooling water. Specific as follows:
  A, coating
  Due to the uneven mixing of paint or different barrels of paint viscosity difference, paint in the plate from the side of the feed mouth to the direction of the return flow, color difference zone. Additionally change coating color, especially color contrast bigger two colors, because clean not clean, cause chromatic aberration.
  Second, the substrate
  The size of the substrate zinc flower will also affect the color difference, in the grain boundary will form a lot of different sizes of small pits, on the plate color difference. For light colors, the color difference is particularly obvious, * good choice without zinc flower or small zinc flower substrate.
  Third, chemical coating treatment
  Improper coating process, resulting in too thick coating film, drying will make the plate temperature is insufficient. If besmear roll roll body has injury, after drying can form hair yellow plaque, cause color besmear board chromatic aberration, especially light color is apparent.
  Fourth, film thickness
  The stability of film thickness has a great influence on the color difference. The film thickness adjustment methods mainly include: coating viscosity, adjusting the gap between adhesive roller and coating roller, changing the speed of coating roller and adhesive roller, adjusting the pressure between coating roller and strip steel support roller, etc.
  Five, the PMT
  PMT represents the peak temperature that the strip needs to reach when the coating is fully cured. The stability of PMT has a great influence on the color difference. The change of strip steel specification will cause PMT change, local temperature is too high or too low will affect PMT change, uneven substrate thickness will cause PMT change, seasonal change in furnace temperature will also cause PMT change.
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